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Switch off your TV – Save your Local FC
by Christoph

Football is a money machine given the figures earned by the top clubs in Europe and the rest of the world. Beyond the lime light of the Bundesliga the situation is very different, up to a point where it becomes threatening for many clubs. Small clubs such as Göttingen 05 are trying to campaign against this trend.

No Money, No Football

The financial situation for many clubs below the top 2 divisions is difficult to say the least. So much so that clubs in the Oberliga in Lower Saxony decided not to travel to away games in the second half of last season. The reason: the fees for not turning up were lower than the travel costs for the clubs which are a heavy burden especially for the 5th division.

The campaign was initiated by fans of Göttingen 05 in June 2013 to improve gate figures. The city of Göttingen with just over 100000 inhabitants lies within an hour’s drive of Lower Saxony’s first division clubs Hannover 96, Eintracht Braunschweig and VfL Wolfsburg. While top division football certainly is a pull factor for fans to go elsewhere to watch soccer, the town has a huge student population. And here lies the problem.

The students hardly feature among the crowd at home games of Göttingen 05 as most of them come for the duration of their studies and then leave. Almost all of them have already ‘found their club’ and therefore would hardly or never attend a match of recently re-established Göttingen 05. Most of them are not aware that Göttingen has a football club that once played in the second division; not to mention that there is a club playing in the German football league pyramide.

Admittedly, this is a long time ago and therefore no one among the student population would know that at the end of the 1960s the club played 4 seasons in the second highest division of West Germany. […]

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